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Welcome to the official homepage of Delinquent Records USA 

Established in 1987


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Virgines Metallium

 Virgines Metallium:  A 2-Disc Tribute to the New Maidens of Metal (DR027)

Vampette Single

 Vampette: Dark Little Secrets  (DR025)  Single 

Girls, Fire & Hairspray (DR026) 18 Band Collection of Sleaze Rock Bands


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Delinquent Records USA is the home of the following bands & collection releases:

Bratz: Lonely Hearts/The Jungle  – Red Vinyl  (DR001)
Cheyenne: Rebel Underground  (Delinquent / Mutha Records CD038)
Leather’N’Lipstick Compilation 1 (DR002)
Little Rebel: Underground (DR003)
Black: Temptation (DR004)
Hollywood Teasze: Glamdolls in Toyland (DR005)
Blind Justice: One  (DR006)
It’s Only Indie Rock-n-Roll… But I Like It: Compilation 2 (DR007)
Paradise Alley: Heartbreakers and Homewreckers  (DR008)
Morphine Angel: Lovenest+Murderfest  (DR009)
Indie-pendence Day: C3  (DR010)
Bratz: Spoiled Rockin’ (DR011)
NightshadeDead of Night (DR012)
Little Rebel: Full Rebel Jacket  (DR013)
D’Molls: Beyond D’Valley of D’Molls  (DR014)
The Pink and The Black: a goth and glam collection  (DR015)
Industrial Baby! a 2 disk industrial collection of 36 bands  (DR016)
Suicide Alley: 13  (DR018)
RASH: Save Yourself  (DR019)
Mad Margritt: In the Name of Rock  (DR020)
More Black Than Black: a 2 disk classic goth influenced collection (DR022)
Manic’s Rage: Tippin’ the Bottle  (DR023)


Metal Contingencya tribute to Powerhouse Commercial Metal (DR028) – Open for Submissions


Evil Is GoodExtreme Image, Intense Edgy Music, & Social Deviance (DR029) – Open for Submissions

Beauties & the Beasts

Beauties and the Beasts: A Tribute to Metal Bands with dynamic Male & Female Metal Vocalists (DR030) – Open for Submissions

Industrionage CD Art

Industrionage: Sounds from the Shadows & the Machine (DR031) – Open for Submissions

A Bubblegum Conspiracy

A Bubblegum Conspiracy: a New Punk / Power Pop Collection (DR032) – Open for Submissions

Shadows-to-Come CD ART

Shadows to Come…:  All things Dark and Wonderful (DR033) – Deadline April 1, 2015

Vampyre Songs in the Key of Night - CD ART

Vampyre: Songs In the Key of Night (DR035) – Open for Submissions


Greater Children of a Lesser God: an Alternative Metal Collection (DR036) – Open for Submissions

The Dreams We Dare Alone

The Dream We Dare Alonea Tribute to Instrumental Guitarist Virtuoso’s (DR037) – Open For Submissions

For additional information, please email:  Nancy@DelinquentRecordsUSA.com